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Mold Removal and Remediation

Licensed Mold Remediators & IICRC Certified

Water Intrusion Correction & Mold Remediation 

Residential & Commercial  Mold Removal & Remediation
CentrePoint Construction specializes in advanced mold removal & remediation solutions. We identify mold causes and sources, consult with experts and hygienists, carefully contain and remove mold infestations through professional mold remediation techniques and strategies to ensure a safe and healthy environment and indoor air quality clearance for commercial and residential buildings. Below is our process to clear your Mold issue.
Step One: Find The Source
Our certified technicians utilize the latest technology to identify sources of moisture that can cause mold growth.  Mold is usually a direct result of higher levels of moisture and humidity that can be caused by failures in plumbing, HVAC and waterproofing systems.
Step Two: Mold Testing
Centrepiont consults with the top hygienists in the industry to insure the highest quality testing and lab results. A comprehensive mold testing report is prepared to include specific data reflecting mold spore counts, species and a recommended mold remediation protocol to be followed during the remediation and mold removal process.
Step Three: Remove & Remediation
Our certified technicians carefully follow the mold remediation protocol to insure that all aspects such as:  containment, removal of contaminated materials and indoor air quality are addressed to ensure that the building’s environment is safe for all occupants to return.
Blower door test

After our AC split unit in our bedroom leaked, mold grew there over the course of 3 months, I called Centrepoint to come take a look at it. They were timely and professional, and gave me a complete diagnosis and plan to resolve the issue. After considering with me husband if it was worth the price to have them remove the mold or do it ourselves, we decided to hire them and it was a good choice. When the remediation proved to be larger than they originally thought, they stuck to the original price, and completed the job, leaving my space totally spotless when they were finished. We are now able to sleep in bedroom knowing the air quality is good. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering mold removal in the LA area.

Christine R.  Highland Park, CA 

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