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Accessory Dwelling Units

Legal Garage Conversation 

As the Los Angeles and surrounding cities have experienced shortage of housing lately a quick fix was changed in the Accessory Dwelling Units laws also known as an ADU’s and Jr. ADU’s which has led to a goldrush of garage conversation. The new law provides homeowners an additional dwelling on their property for guest or their aging parents. Other property owners take advantage of the new ADU law as an opportunity to earn additional income by renting their ADU/ Jr. ADU Airbnb source of income.

Whichever option you decide to use your new Accessory Dwelling Unit, CentrePoint Construction is the right contractor. We provide a turnkey service which means we’ll take your project from conception to completion. We do all the foot work for you, from design/engineering plans, getting city approvals to building your ADU up to code.

If you’re deciding to take the next step in  building  a new detached ADU or converting your garage into a legal dwelling unit, contact us for a free consultation.  

Construction engineer working at blueprint to build large commercial buildings in office.
Architectural Plan
Getting City Permits
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Building ADU
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Finish Project
Accessory Dwelling Unit Design
Almost every property in Los Angeles City or  Unincorporated Los Angeles County is unique, we help to address the design challenges with our design and engineering team. Through our survey analysis diagram, field measurements and consultation process we put together a custom designed Detached ADU, JADU or Garage Conversion ADU for our clients.
Obtaining  Permits & Approvals
You are permitted up to two ADUs on a single-family R1 zoned property. Once the client decided what kind of ADU they want a floor plan will be drawn up for approval. Next the engineer completes his/her structural plans and calculations. Upon engineering finalization, we run your plans to the local department of building and safety. The process of permit application approval will take within 60 days from the date the LADBS receiving  a completed application.
Building your ADU Project
Once all clearances by LADBS plan checkers are approved and permits are attained, we provide you a final consultation before we sign the final construction contract. Upon starting your Detached ADU, JADU or Garage Conversion ADU we manage the entire project until completion dealing with all trades, inspectors, engineer observations and Title 24 clearances. Centrepoint provides a turnkey process.  
You have new a ADU 
Now you have a new ADU for either your kids, relatives to stay inn or will be used as an ADU rental unit. Your Unit can become a passive rental income that can bring you approximate $1,800 per month for a 1bedroom 1 bathroom with kitchenette. Whether you use your new addition for family use or passive income the value of your property will Increase by approximate $150,000 and more.  
Need more details about ADU's? Contact us

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