Home Performance Audit

What a is Home Energy Audit
A home energy assessment helps you pinpoint where your house is losing energy and what you can do to save money. The home auditor will also assess health and safety issues that might exist in your home. The audit involves two parts the home assessment and analysis using computer software and the latest technology such as infrared thermography. 
Our certified energy auditor will go through the following steps in a home energy audit
Analyze past year's energy bills to determine energy consumption
Explain the home audit process
Asses electrical system for safety concerns
Health and Safety Inspection
Interview occupants of the home to learn about problems and how the home operates
Combustion appliance inspection
Go through interior and exterior visual inspection
examine the findings and provide complete home energy and wellness report
Blower door test
Provide informative material about incentives and rebates
No more guessing what your home's issues are. No more expensive projects that fail to reduce  your energy bills. take the charge to a healthy and comfortable indoor home environment.


CentrePoint Construction certified Energy Assessor will provide you a detailed report, with options and cost for a tailored solution. The Assessor will assist you in selecting the energy improvement that will be the best ROI (return on investment) for your family. Furthermore, CentrePoint  provides  you with the best financing offer and rebates in California to help you fund your energy efficiency and wellness home improvement project.
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